06 September 2009

Ton O' Bricks (a song)

Up until the moment that you walked out of the door
I thought things for us were going pretty good
And then it hit me:
Something was probably really wrong with our relationship

[Chorus; maybe a bunch of swirly harmonies or something?]

Ton o' bricks, ton o' bricks
a lot heavier than it sounds
Ton o' bricks, ton o' bricks
unpleasant to lug around

I punch my PIN number about a hundred times
but nothing good ever happens
And then I remembered
I don't have any money in my checking account
you cleaned out our joint checking account


I might go out some evening to a bar or to a club
and hope to meet some people but I never do
And then I'll realize:
My fly's unzipped and everybody can see my underwear


I crawl across the desert on my hands and on my knees
and I'm looking for a sweet oasis
And then I finally understand:
I'm going to die out here and no one's ever even going to know

[Chorus; repeat as often as necessary]

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