05 September 2009

Exquisite Corpse (SMS & RCM)

When the rain dropped it was still making green

alive sounds a moisture that refreshes

without satisfying

we’ve been there before

like a cat licking fur that is necessary so

smooth and rough

moving from this way to that way

because that is the way movement is supposed to

happen especially the jaw bones and how

they displace the yes and the

no, the way language is fouled against

the gums and the teeth and the soft palette

of the speaker who gropes for messages. encoded he

writes them, encoded he hears them, and they

are passed on because he cannot keep them

Which wind blowing carries syntax? Which

wind blowing my tiredness that is enveloped

a soft down cushion so I can dream, dream and not

be tired be sleepy be almost dreaming and

remember the last time you remembered

remembering that it is like a fancydance diversion

you are denying me what I

want and there is that taste again

that taste of what I’ve always wanted

3 September 1994

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