07 August 2009

Snow at a Bad Time

I am pulled outside, out the door, off the porch and into that patch in front of my house called the "yard";

I am walking in small circles and I'm saying or thinking or thinking I'm saying,

"What is this stuff, what is this stuff, whatisthisstuff, stuff?" even though I know it is snow;

so, I start thinking "why did it have to snow now? Of all times, why did it have to snow now?"

and my footprints are punching holes in the whiteness and I can see the grey and the black

and the dirty brown beneath and I start to feel better right away.


  1. ah ha! you're not color blind!

    Nothing like getting down beneath it all to see everything. ;)

  2. In dream psychology snow dreams happen throughout the year.
    Snow is water and represents the emotions (unconscious and/or the intuition). Since snow is frozen it can represent emotional coldness or some form of emotional paralysis. Maybe the intuition is blocked and the information may be received by the persons brain, but this individual is unable to believe in it or react upon it.
    If snow is falling at an odd time of year, this may indicate an unexpected, event or new relationships in a persons life.This person is emotionally overwhelmed and maybe unable to see different kind of solutions to a problem and feel caught up in the snow.
    In our culture white is often viewed as a symbol of purity (asia, white symbolize sorrow). This individual can't handle the innocens or possible changes, wherefore he makes sure the snow changes color to a brown or off color, which indicate feelings or direct lose of innocence. He feels relieved orbetter afterwards, because his not ready for changes in his life