29 August 2009

Recognizable Food Groups

She can make a wish by moving

the clasp of her chain to

the nape of her neck.

It's a thing girls can do;

they teach it to each other.

From below and off to her left,

I spend most of the second half

with my neck all twisted around and

watching her watch the game.

It might be acrylic but her sweater is certainly blue

and a ragged flash of 14k electro-plate

suits it pretty well, I think.

Meteors, cars with one headlight,

heart-shots, and money

are the kinds of things

boys wish on when they wish they had girls;

we figure it out for ourselves.

In line at the snack-bar buying Bomber Dogs

I saw some kind of large, black bird fly through the lights

on its way back into wilderness

and in its mouth it carried a loop of dime store gold.

I made a wish;

I made a really big wish.

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