09 June 2009

She would wake from her nightmares and

angry, she would carry her emotion
against him, against whom she had dreamed,
against whom she'd dreamed badly.

Sleep soft palms slapping him,
his shape there next to hers in a black iron bed,
with barely formed
groans of strange words,
words like "blue"
and "steam ship"
and "corridor"
and, until she woke,
their meaning was clear and
when she wakes all that is left her is the sadness of the dream
and there is no comfort in embrace.

The dry sound of them panting confusion
is a metronome for the movement again
and back toward another kind of sleep.


  1. This is one of my favorites of yours.

  2. This kind of makes me remember how I felt after that bad dream I told you about. Of course, this is a bit different but the emotion is still provoked. I like this despite my sadness I now re-feel.