29 June 2009

Hot Wheels Run Through My Brain on those Orange Tracks

I remember Deora, lime-green bubble-topped fantasy hot-rod, and, when I clamped my daredevil loop to the top bunk of my only child bunkbed, how it would throw itself off the track in g-force induced delusion and tumble free until smacking itself against my closet door. I loved that little car.

I let twin red Camaros free on my nubbly chenille bedspread to act out the chase scene from Bullit on the San Francisco hills of my knees. I always wanted to be in Steve McQueen's car but never that other, bald-headed guy with the shotgun's car.

My little cop-car with the plastic blue flasher welded to the roof was almost always the bad guy and got confused on those dusty corners when the Mustang with the really steerable wheels did donuts by my desk. The odor of Crayolas shavings from the 64 box with built-in sharpener filled my head like gasoline fumes as I laughed and laughed along with another clean get-away, another harmless romp through the backwoods of my bedroom as the tiny little cool guy kissed the tiny little cool girl wearing tiny little cut-off Levi's and a tube top inside that tiny little Mustang.

I still have a drawing that I encased in wax paper with a hot iron under adult supervision of me, almost life-sized, sitting at the wheel of a gold custom El Camino with two surfboards in the back having a drag-race with a purple Baja Bug and I'm winning, I'm pulling ahead, but just barely.

1 comment:

  1. oh, but you ARE winning!

    I used to wish I was a boy, just so I could have Hot Wheels. I used to love to put those yellow (I remember them being yellow. A beautiful golden yellow) plastic tracks together at my boy friends' houses and watch them defy gravity. And then we would go to the kitchen and eat sugary cereals that bragged the deadly fact of themselves right in their names. Real cars didn't have seat belts and everyone smoked on TV.

    Man, we were dangerous!