19 May 2009

It’s Nice To Have Elvis on My Side

It’s nice to have Elvis on my side.
There are those moments in my life when I can see
the King right next to me,
a young Elvis right there backing my play,
and I know anything is possible.

I can stare down a cop,
I can talk to a pretty girl who waitresses at a coffeeshop,
I can drive all night to get home and see the kids for Christmas,
and I know he approves and he even wants to see more.
Elvis chuckles, “Keep ‘er going. You’re on a roll.”

In a rainstorm by the highway, we’re there together
with our heads ducked low and our jackets pulled tight
and we’re cold and wet and broke and coughing up a little blood,
but it only makes us more sullen and hard and determined
and we encourage each other, we tell each other,
“Hang on, man. You can do it. Just hang on.”
Me and Elvis help each other out.

It’s nice to know he’s been everywhere and seen everything and he knows exactly what to do, knows exactly what to say.
It’s nice the way he sits with me at the kitchen table on hot summer nights
and we play cards wearing just our t-shirts because it is so hot.
Elvis can be real thoughtful.

Some nights I’ll drift off to sleep and he’ll be in the living room by himself
and I can hear him sort of humming, not even singing at all,
just a low murmur, barely there, and when I wake up in the morning
he’ll still be sitting on the sofa and Elvis will say “G’morning, sleepyhead”
and that’s such a great feeling.

It’s nice to have Elvis on my side.


  1. I went to Graceland for the first time this year. He's creepy and gaudy and sleazy, and yet, it's impossible not to like the dude.

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