15 April 2009

Hello! Hiroshima? Hello?

(is this line open?)

One city of blisters
is so much like my home town
it always rains;
the girls on the street will cry into the arms of the boys
who look in different directions;
everyone speaks a different language
even when the meaning means the same things
because it's their way of listening for something different;
the fish in the restaurants is always very fresh
if not downright alive;
these trees are palm trees, though still ever green, and
so is moss smearing itself across all the concrete walls.

Except for that/these/those few things,
it's exactly the same as my home town
(also, the keloid scars on the back of the neck of the man on the street car that goes by the river that goes past the house where I live when I live in one particular city).

It's a double sunrise day in my hometown and
the mist or the fog or the smoke or whatever it is
comes out of the mountains and
threads itself through the trees on its way to lower ground.

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